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15 Golden Rules to Follow Before Buying MotorCycle

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Buying a motorcycle is not a big deal nowadays. You can now buy a motorcycle from online shops. For a motorcycle enthusiast, it’s hard to resist a cruising motorcycle. It always pumps your heart when you see one on the road. You have always dreamt of getting a two-wheeler but now you got the opportunity to own one. Before purchasing your first motorcycle you need some practical knowledge.

There are some important things that you have to consider before purchasing a motorcycle. We will discuss 15 golden rules that you need to follow before buying a new motorcycle. These 15 rules will be your ultimate motorcycle guide. So it is highly recommended to follow these rules during the time of buying a motorcycle.

1. Choose Your Style

You have to choose a motorcycle that is suitable for you. If you want to make long tours, you need to get a touring bike. If you are planning to ride it in the city with style, sports and cruiser bikes should be on your preference list. Or you are planning to ride off-road then choose an off-road motorcycle.

Be honest with yourself about what type of riding you will do. A sportier bike will definitely look better on the road, it will have an outstanding road presence but it will also toll on your back and wrist for their downward seating position. So, you need to focus on your own style. Which will suit you and give a pleasurable ride?

2. Don’t go Over Powered

After determining your riding style now it’s time to choose a bike according to your pocket. In the motorcycle world, there are numerous options to choose from in every category. You might be thinking of getting a thousand cc motorcycle but that is a big no for a beginner rider. It’s true that higher cc motorcycles come with greater safety features like dual-channel ABS braking system, traction control, dual disc brake on the front wheel, and so on. But chances are you will not be able to use that kind of motorcycle to its full potential. These bikes are mostly heavy and produce massive amounts of torque that can lead to fatal crashes if you cannot control it or don’t understand the riding modes. Because Most of the high-end motorcycles are track machines that are road legal.

A 600cc or less motorcycle provides a decent value for your bucks. It is equipped with industry-standard safety features and doesn’t empty your pocket. These bikes are of great value. Decent power and torque, good mileage, and you will not feel bored. So, the verdict is, as a beginner rider you should choose a lower cc motorcycle.

3. Seat Height

This is one of the most important things you need to check before buying a motorcycle. Seat height of a motorcycle cannot be changed. It’s embedded in the motorcycles’ chassis. So, pick the right one according to your height.

If you choose the wrong sized motorcycle, you won’t find comfort riding it. Your feet cannot touch the ground or you are getting terrible hand aches is the sign of choosing a wrong sized motorcycle.

4. Adhere to Your Liking

When you choose a bike and discuss it with others around you, they will probably tell you many negative things about it. And you will be advised to take another model. What is important here is to do your own research. Every machinery in this world has both positive and negative sides. The trick is to go for the one which serves your purpose which has less negativity.

Not everyone’s needs or choices are the same. You will regret buying a motorcycle with another’s perception. Most likely it won’t suit you and may not fulfill your purpose.
Therefore, do a lot of homework about the motorcycle you want to purchase. You will enjoy the ride by adhering to your liking.

5. Availability of Spare Parts

Spare parts availability is a mandatory thing to consider before purchasing a motorcycle. Sufferings will be much worse if you can’t find the spare parts of your bike in the market. There are many small parts in the motorcycle that may fail occasionally. And these parts don’t match with other motorcycle models. For example, your motorcycle is not braking properly. Your brake pads have worn out due to constant usage.

What will happen if you can’t find the brake pad in a local dealer shop? You will have to wait like months to ship it from a different country even if you are lucky to find one. It is impossible to ride a motorcycle without a proper braking system in city congestion. So, it’s important to get a bike that has spare part availability in the market.

6. Motorcycle Safety

You should complete a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course prior to purchasing a motorcycle. This course ensures you and others’ safety on the road. A motorcycle rider is the most exposed than any other vehicles’ rider. Therefore, it’s important to complete this training.

7. Motorcycle Insurance

It’s mandatory to have your motorcycle insured in many states. So, the cost of your new motorcycle is not the only amount that you pay. Insurance can protect you if you are responsible for any damage done to an individual or property. It will also cover your medical expenses, if your motorcycle gets stolen, etc.

8. Get Your Driving License

Imagine, you just bought a motorcycle but you cannot ride on the streets because you don’t have a driving license. Isn’t it the worst feeling? To avoid this situation you must apply for a driving license before getting a new motorcycle. By the time you are planning and researching to purchase the motorcycle, hopefully, the driving tests will be completed and your license will be delivered to your hand.

9. Buy Used Motorcycle

Buying a used motorcycle has multiple advantages. Mostly you can find a cheaper deal than the new one which may tie you with a long term loan. As a beginner rider, it is helpful to ride a used motorcycle because of some technical reasons. A new motorcycle engine needs to go through a break-in period of around 2500 kilometers.

Almost 90% of all the motorcycle owners that maintained a proper break-in period stated that the motorcycle runs longer and smoother. A new rider cannot maintain the break-in period properly so the engine gets permanent damage. Losing initial torque, max speed, and overall smoothness is the effect of this.

10. Bring an Expert Friend

Considering the fact that you have no prior experience of buying a used motorcycle, it’s recommended to bring a friend who rides a motorcycle and has good knowledge about motorcycles. You can check the cosmetic condition and so on but an expert rider can tell a lot about a motorcycle just by listening to its engine sound!

11. Take a Proper Inspection

Upon reaching the motorcycle owner’s house don’t stand there idle. Get your hands dirty by inspecting it thoroughly. Before making a purchase it’s good to know if the motorcycle is worth buying.
Take a professional person with you so he can help you decide better. There is a saying, a stitch in time saves nine. So, take precautionary steps to reduce the possibility of getting a lemon!

12. Motorcycle Review

Checking the motorcycle’s review can help you to decide whether it is an overall good and reliable motorcycle. You can find reviews on many motorcycle users’ platforms online.
Neglect the negative review unless it is not frequently reported by the users. Make sure it does not create a common problem for every motorcycle of your chosen model.

13. Check the VIN and DMV

You can match the Vehicle Identification Number of your motorcycle with the registration number. The VIN number can be found on the chassis of the motorcycle just under the front headlight.

DMV can be checked online. It costs some money but shows if the motorcycle had an accident before, a number of previous owners’, and if it has any bank loan against the motorcycle.

14. Due Loans

It is important for the new owner to know that the previous owner has already paid all the loans. Otherwise, you will be liable for the motorcycle’s loan after purchasing it. You need to pay the dues of the loan then. Besides that, if the motorcycle is mortgaged against any loan then you may lose the motorcycle. So please be careful before buying it.

15. Bill of Sale

The Bill of sale is an agreement between the seller and the buyer. When both parties sign on the agreement paper it’s considered that the previous owner has no liability on the motorcycle from that very moment.

And it’s time to enjoy your new ride!

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