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15 Tools You need to Repair Your Car

by Cars Store

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Car repairing tools are the most important part and parcel of our daily automotive life. All of us have come across a punctured car or bad behaving automobile from time to time. While finding a mechanic nearby might not be easy, having the right set of tools to swiftly DIY repair the car has never been easier with these 15 sets of tools. These tools are not only used by professionals in your favorite garage but also been used by many amateurs for quick fixing their car.

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For your knowledge we are giving brief details of those tools in the following:

1. Ratchet

This is going to be the most used tool in all the gearbox, so make sure to buy a good one. Do not go after the cheap ones as overusing may cause them breakdown when you need them the most. Some of the commonly used ratchets are 1/4in, 3/8in, and 1/2in ratchets. Make sure to buy matching sockets before purchasing the first tools.

2. Sockets

Thanks to the invention of the socket kit, anyone can easily purchase a full set of available and widely used sockets from the hardware stores. One thing to check is they all align with the existing ratchet sets. A standard kit is adequate to accomplish all the basic needs and even advanced problems if they arise.

3. Battery Carrier

Many people forget the battery weighs a ton and many cars are automatically equipped with batteries as a backup to alternative diesel or fossil fuel. Don’t try to be a hero and be smart. A good carrier will smoothen the process and also significantly reduce the risks of potential injury from carrying heavy batteries. It is not necessary to remind you they also cost a lot, so better be prepared than sorry. When placing in tight places, it will come in handy.

4. Oil Filter Wrench

This is by far the most neglected tool in the kit box. Never forget to buy one before you set on a long drive. As popular car manufacturers have their variety of oil filters, buy a kit that already has all the available sizes that you might need to repair the car.

5. Automotive stethoscope

This may seem like a little out of the box for you, but it is essential to find out if there’s something wrong with the fluids in your car. Mediocre mechanics try to change and replace parts until the problem is solved but it only piles up in the long run. This way, you can start saving up money by making your car quieter and not running to the local garage whenever you heard a weird noise in the compartment.

6. Multimeter

It is compulsory to have this tool especially if you own an electric vehicle. Beware of the cheap, fake own as they may not gauge the voltage accurately. Try to buy the standard ones that are popular. We would love to recommend one but it would become publicity so use wisdom and buy the bestselling multimeter with easy features.

7. Lubricants and Cleaners

Cars generally consist of tiny mechanical parts that require regular cleanups. Lubricants and cleaners will save the day by removing all the dirty works and fast pacing the repair work. Buy different brands to make sure you are not dependent only on one brand.

8. Extension bar

This is particularly helpful when reaching out for areas that are squeezed or can be tricky to get in. A set of bars will normally set you back for a couple of dollars but that is worth the price.

9. Work Light

This is a common misconception that cars will only breakdown in the middle of the day. There is no schedule and it can happen in the middle of the night too! Be smart and get a pair of working lights in case you need a longer time to fix the car. Remember, there is no way to deal with broken machines if there is no light to look onto!

10. Screwdrivers

Without having this vital piece of tool, you have a high probability of getting screwed while repairing. Now and then mechanics need to deal with small screws that hold up the compartment or fluids. Get a good kit and have them in the back of your car.

11. Car picks and locks

Door Emergency Unlock Tool Kit

With the abundance of electrical cars, many small parts are being replaced with a plastic component. To get things done, have a set of car picks and locks to assist you when it is necessary.

12. Pliers Kit

This ex helpful when dealing with different situations. Grab a kit and travel with them in the car. They are easy to buy and can last for a long time without getting damaged. Do not try to replace the pliers’ work by another tool as it can damage the car parts.

13. Impact Gun

This is by far the most underrated tool in the car kit. Although it looks humble but can tremendously cut down the repair time and labor beyond imagination. This is expensive equipment so make sure to go for the sturdy ones.

14. Tire Pressure Gauge & Inflator

We know many have been wondering when we will incorporate these two things. Well, here it is! Make sure to have them in the back compartment before you go to enjoy a long drive. Without good tire repairing, there is no way to make the car run.

15. Drip pan

Last but not least, nobody wants to get soaked in-car lubricants. Get a quality drip pan with good volume that can hold in all the liquids. Never try to use old, used out food tray buy get one.

Last Note:

All the items we have mentioned above are mandatory for your car. So if you have a minimum of knowledge of car repairing then you can buy a full set of these. It will help you by saving time and money. Try to make sure the tools you are buying are original and brought from original stores.

Happy Driving!

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