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5 Easy Step to Sell a used Car

by Cars Store
5 Easy Step to Sell a used Car

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How to sell your car is one of the biggest challenges nowadays. But with the help of the internet, we are able to sell cars online. But finding the customer is not all for selling a car. You need to focus on other things before selling your car. You may find numerous car selling websites so that you can sell your car easily. Let’s start to know the process of selling a car!

A car has become an essential need nowadays. But everyone can’t get a brand-new car from the showroom for a limited budget. The second-hand car market plays a major role here. Whether to get a luxury sedan, need for money or simply upgrade to a newer technology installed car, one may sell the existing one.

Whatever the reason it is, selling a used car needs some important procedures to follow. You can sell your car on your own without handling it with professional sales agents. Surprised? No need to. We will tell you 5 easy steps that can sell your car at a better price in the least amount of time.

Collect Updated Paperwork

  • All the right documents of your vehicle can sell your car fast. It gives clear information to the customers and clears possible confusion. So, it’s crucial to prepare and collect the right documents.
  • The title paper and bill of sale is the most important. If the car is still on a vehicle loan, the loan must be cleared first. Or if you want to sell the car as it is you must call your lender to know how it can be sold.
  • The bill of sale has the vehicle identification number, purchase date and price, and agreement of buyer and seller. These prove that the car’s ownership is on your name and you have the right to hand over the car to another person.
  • Order a vehicle history report from DMV online to stay above other potential sellers. This provides the number of previous owners and accident history. Which helps the prospective buyers to decide concisely.

Make Your Car Standout
Think of yourself, which one would you prefer? A cleaner looking product or a dusty and rusty product? Of course, you will choose that fresh one. The same applies to your car. It needs to be appealing before the prospective buyers.

If you can paint it new it will be much better. But you can avoid it if your paint is in good shape. Try fixing little dents and scratches that are visible to the eyes. Wash the car thoroughly from the car wash and clean the interior with the vacuum cleaner.

If there are mechanical problems that cause the car to start itself, then you need to fix that as soon as possible. You don’t want your buyer to face starter issues, right? You need to smooth out the major problems before selling the car. Or else you won’t get your expected price.

Set the Correct Price
Pricing is most important to sell your car. The correct price can lure more attention from potential customers. People will ignore if the asking amount is way too high. It is better to find out the market value of your car before setting any price.

Suppose, after valuation, your car’s worth is $3500. But you set an asking price of $4100. This way people who search filtered for a car in a $4000 price range won’t be able to see your ad. Gain more customers by setting up a price like $3900. This affects people psychologically; they think it’s a lot cheaper but which is not true actually.

Create a Picture-Perfect Ad
Pictures portray the ad click rating over ninety percent! High quality and a good number of pictures help customers to decide better for your car. Every customer first watches the picture then price and then the details in the description. So, it is a crucial step to upload beautiful pictures of your car.

Photograph your car where there is enough light. From various angles around the car. Take interior shots to showcase the inner condition. Show the tire condition, pop the hood and show the engine, and show total odometer. It is advised to take your pictures in the golden light, which is just after sunset. You will get the best results.
To reach potential customers you can post your ad on many websites. Some of them are:

  • Craigslist: This site is free and can get a good number of reaches.
  • Autotrader: Paying for an ad is worth it. It has guaranteed return. Autotrader charges $25 for a basic ad and it can pull a serious number of buyers from all over the country.
  • eBay Motors: It is an auction site where you can put your car for bidding. The highest bidder gets the car. But you have to consider the shipping and delivery options as people from all over the world can access your ad.
  • The Facebook marketplace has become a giant in recent years. Post the ad with your valid Facebook profile and wait for the astonishing result.
  • Newspapers and magazines have classified sections of their own. You can post there too.
    No matter which website or platform you are choosing to publish your ad, you must provide some basic information. Model year, brand, color, engine capacity, seat capacity, fitness, registration, mileage, tax token, air conditioner status, etc.

Identify Legit Customers, Set Up a Test Drive and Close the Deal!
It is important to stay away from scammers. If you have a popular car with a decent price, chances are lots of people are going to contact you. It’s for you to decide which customer is legit sounding. There are many callers with different phone numbers who will try to lowball your car and take it at a lower price to sell later for increased profit.

How can you identify the customer is legit? Well, you can direct the calls to voicemail. Later screen them one by one to listen to what they have to say and decide which you can negotiate the price with or not.

You need to respond fast because buyers are constantly checking for other ads too. When talking to them over phone calls you can sense their seriousness for your car. And by this, you can differentiate fake and legit customers. Now you can set up a test drive for your chosen prospective customers.
On a test drive, simply answer their queries. No need to over exaggerate about your car. Keep a friend or relative with you while doing a test drive. Stay in the car with your potential customers when they test drive.

After the test drive, a potential buyer will make you an offer. This opens the window of negotiation. Negotiation slowly to avoid any misunderstanding. Customers may point out some of your car’s problems and try to reduce the price. You listen first and justify your price.
When the customer and you are agreed upon a price then you can decide whether you want cash or a cashier’s check. If the car has a bank loan to be paid, then the deal needs to be finalized at the lender bank.

To wrap up the process, all necessary forms can be found on the Department of Motor Vehicles website. After signing and handing over the bill of sale you don’t have any liability for your car from that point of time. You can cancel your auto insurance policy and start looking for your new dream car.

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