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5 Best Phone Holder for Bikes

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5 Best Phone Holder for Bikes

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If you are a biker then this phone mount is the second important thing after a helmet. Most adventure bikers and people who are working in food or parcel delivery companies need this phone mounts. This will help you to hold your phone at the time of riding and navigate the locations. You can also be able to use your phone during the time you ride your bike.

Cell phone mounts for bikes are now the new trend to the biker for navigation and communication. There are several types of phone mounts available in the market. But not all the bikers are using proper phone mounts for them. Due to not using the proper phone mount bikers lost their phone or broke their phone. So this thing is very essential for their phone.

In recent times, we have seen that more than 32% of the riders are using phone mounts. This makes the ride comfortable and easy to control the phone. Every day the number of cell phone mounts for motorcycles is increasing. It is now part and parcel of a biker’s daily life. These phone holders will not only help you to have a comfortable ride but also keeps your hands free from handling any phone call. You can also be able to lock other devices with these phone holders. So you can use this thing as a multi-tasking holder.

Here are the details of the 5 best phone holders for the bikes. Please have a look at the details and choose the best one for yours.

1. Widras Bike Phone Mount & Cell Phone Holder

Widras Bike Phone Mount & Cell Phone Holder
This model is one of the few most durable and rustproof phones in the market. This model is made from premium plastic material which makes it better than the other models. Easy rotation systems and a wide range of mobile compatibility have made this phone receiver popular to the people. As per the user review, we have seen that people tend to buy this kind of phone holder for bikes for phone safety. An additional corner safety option has made it the most secure phone holder.

This phone holder can be used for both motorcycles and bicycles. So you can save money by buying this kind of mobile phone folder for your bikes. Rustproof and long-lasting features help this phone mount to last long. This phone mount model is specially made for the iPhone brand.

Key Features
  • Compatible with iPhone 11, X, 8 plus, 8, 7 plus, 7, 6s Plus, 6s, 6 plus, 6, and Android devices
  • Made of premium durable abs plastic & silicone
  • Universal compatibility up to 3.5 inches wide phones
  • 360° rotation adjustment
  • 1-year warranty and guaranteed refund policy

Brand: Widras
Model: US2
Weight: 4.5 ounces

  • Full access to the phone’s screen and buttons
  • Rubber protection to protect handlebar and phone from getting scratches
  • High-quality steel and ABS material
  • Easy to install
  • Mounting screws are too long and protrude
  • Silicone bands are small in size creating pressure on large phones
  • Not suitable for certain motorbike models

2. GUB Aluminum Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount

GUB Aluminum Bicycle & Motorcycle Phone Mount
This bike phone holder is popular due to its longevity. Aluminum alloy made phone holders save this from getting rust on its body, much more flexible and can be used at any weather. This phone holder has a special screw by which you will be able to adjust the phone holder for any size as your need. You can use this phone holder for both motorcycles and bicycles. This phone holder is good for a large number of mobile models. Adjustable shape and size have made this phone mount acceptable to all. This is made from an aluminum alloy so you can use this in any weather without any metal fatigue or size deformation problem.

Key Features
  • Compatible for 3.5 inches to 7-inch mobile phones like iPhone 11, X, 8plus, etc., and Android devices
  • Aluminum alloy material with sponge protection
  • 360° rotation adjustment

Brand: GUB
Model: GUB-PLUS6
Weight: 5.6 ounces

  • Can be installed on different sized handlebars
  • Sturdy aluminum body with a scratch-resistant sponge
  • Do not obscure the screen
  • Limited mounting option. suitable for round handlebars only
  • Unable to hold the phone perfectly
  • Poor quality Allen wrench provided in the box

3. TACKFORM Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone

TACKFORM Metal Motorcycle Mount for Phone
This is a high-quality phone holder with a spring-based phone holding system. Aluminum-based bodies have made this phone holder safe for the mobile. This is also can be used for both bikes and the bi-cycles. Smaller in size and lightweight in nature has made this phone holder popular to the riders. We have seen bikers using this phone holder model than the cyclist. You can have both landscape and portrait view of your handset with this phone holder.

One thing to share about this phone holder is the more you are using the holder spring the more it loosens. So there is some risk of dropping the phone during the time of riding.

Key Features
  • Compatible for regular & plus-sized iPhone, Samsung, and other Android devices
  • Machined aluminum structure
  • Ball and socket design
  • High strength spring system eliminated the use of slings
  • One-handed easy operation

Brand: Tackform
Weight: 9.6 ounces

  • Landscape and portrait viewing capability
  • Additional sling is included for rough conditions
  • Can be installed on different types of handlebars
  • Allows access to full screen and buttons without removing from the mount
  • Do not absorb shock and vibration
  • Scratches the phone
  • Phones with cases do not fit perfectly

4. RAM X-Grip Phone Mount with Handlebar

RAM X-Grip Phone Mount with Handlebar
This is one of the best phone mounts which has a U bolt base. By this phone mount, you can have both vertical and horizontal views of your mobile. This phone holder for a bike has an advantage over the other models. You can fit this phone mount in any place you want. This does not need a round-shaped stand to attach. It is compatible with most of the phone models. The thickness of the phone doesn’t matter here. So you can use this phone holder for any kind of phone.

Well, brand reputation and quality products have made these people’s first choice. It also has extra padding with the holder. The holder has a rubber edge so that it will not do any damage to your phone.

Key Features
  • Compatible with iPhone 11, X, 8plus, 8, SE, etc., and other Android devices
  • Spring-loaded ‘X’ design with rubber caps provides great holding power
  • Optional sling included for rugged use
  • Made of Marine-grade, powder-coated aluminum, stainless steel components, and high-strength composites
  • Ball and socket design

Brand: RAM
Model: RAM-B-149Z-UN7U
Weight: 11.2 ounces

  • 360° adjustable ball head
  • Sturdy construction
  • Can operate full screen, ports, and buttons
  • Easy to install and one-hand operation
  • Has a quality issue with the rubber
  • Do not fit large phones with cases
  • Plastic mounting piece tend to break

5. Roam Universal Premium Motorcycle Bike Phone Mount

Roam Universal Premium Motorcycle Bike Phone Mount
This is a universal phone holder. You can fit almost all mobile models. It has an extra protective corner shield that protects your phone from falling. Besides that this has a clip system holding base. That is why you can fit this phone mount in almost all types of motorcycles and bicycles. This is a premium quality phone holder. This phone holder is also rustproof which makes these phone holders more durable.

Key Features
  • Universal for all phone sizes up to 3.5″ wide
  • Made from premium quality hard plastic
  • Silicone net to hold the phone
  • 100% money return guarantee for Co-Pilot mount

Brand: Roam
Model: 13
Weight: 3.36 ounces

  • Larger clamp provides secured grip
  • 360° versatile adjustment
  • Durable silicone net
  • Sturdy Roam Co-Pilot mount
  • Do not fit clip-on type handlebars
  • Breaks easily
  • Poor quality materials

Things to consider before buying a phone mount for bikes

Phone mounts for bikes are essentials. But finding the right one for your phone is too difficult. In the market, you will find hundreds of models and versions of phone mounts. But not all of those are suitable for your phone or can fulfill the requirements. Besides that, several items are not that qualified. So you need to be very precise before choosing phone mounts for you. We are giving you the checklist so that you can choose the best suitable one for you.

  • Buy a phone holder for your bike which is made from aluminum or high-quality plastics
  • Be sure the items you are purchasing has a guarantee
  • A good user review is recommended to purchase a phone holder for you
  • Make sure the phone mount/holder you want to buy is rustproof
  • Be sure and make several trials of the phone mount with your phone whether it is proper in size
  • Please buy a phone mount which ensures the highest protection of your phone
  • If the phone mount is spring-based then be sure that the spring is quality and last long
  • Before buying a phone mount please make sure the phone mount can be useful for multiple models

Hope by following the above consideration, I hope you will find the best phone mount for yours.

Frequently Asked Question: Phone Mount for Bikes

1. Why is a phone mount important for bikers?
During the ride you may need your phone for receiving the call, watching the notification or follow the GPS direction. It is impossible to do things when your phone is in your pocket. That is why this phone mount will help you to do the things without any interruption during your riding. Besides that you may not have a pocket in your pants or carrying a mobile in the pocket during the ride occurs some problem for sitting. That is why these kinds of phone holders are important for all the riders.

2. Where can I buy phone mounts for the bikes?
There are many retail shops where you can buy this kind of phone mount. Besides that you can buy phone mounts from the car retails shops or from the online stores. Almost all the e-commerce shops have phone mounts on their shores. You can buy these items from anywhere if the quality is ensured and if the product is authentic.

3. How can I install the phone mounts on my bikes?
You do not need to do many things for setting the phone mounts to the bikes. You just need to open the phone mount from the packet and set the items as per the system described in the packet. It is better if you have set the phone mount in a fixed position all the time. The more you are shifting it the durability will be lost of the item.

4. Which are the best phone mounts for the bikes?
There are several phone mounts available in the market. But not all of them have the same quality and are good for your phone. For example, we can say the name of Widras Bike Phone Mount, Roam Universal Premium Phone Mount, TACKFORM phone mount, etc. Try to get the existing user review so that you can find the best one for you.

5. What are the things to consider for buying a phone holder?
There are several considerations before you are buying the phone mount for you. You need to be very clear about which model is best for your phone. You also need to be clear about the quality and guarantee of the phone holders.

Last few words
For your needs, we have added all the necessary information you need to buy the best phone holder. We hope if you follow the following instruction and consider the above-mentioned phone mount features you will find the best suitable phone holder for you. Besides that, if you need any more information you can leave your comment below. Hope you will get your answer soon. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest update on the bikes and its accessories.

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