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15 Driving Rules Every Driver Should Follow During Driving

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15 Driving Rules Every Driver Should Follow During Driving

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If you think you are a smart driver and want to safely drive on the road. Then you should be very careful and precise in decision making. As a driver, you must follow the traffic rules and common precautions that will keep you and your car safe from facing an accident. Besides that, by following the rule you will be able to keep yourself from getting a speeding ticket and make the lifetime of your car longer.

Most of the time car accidents are dangerous and fatal. The car accident fatality rate is the highest among the accidents occurring in the transportation industry. So it is mandatory to keep extra safety for driving during travel by car.

Based on the expert review and guideline by the international road safety authority, we have concluded that for a safe driver you must follow the 15 rules. We have tried our best to brief you about those rules. The following 15 great tips for you. No matter how good a driver you may be, driving without knowing the following tips can be dangerous at any time, so read on without delay.


1) Stay Aware During Driving

Stay Aware During Driving

When you are in the driving seat, you should always pay full attention to the actions of those drivers who are driving around the road. Don’t drive after drinking. It may increase the chances of getting an accident by more than 60%. When you drive under the influence only you are not in the risk, you are putting everyone on the road around you in danger. Concentration is one of the powerful keys to driving safely. So always be alert when you are driving.

2) Plan your trip

Plan your trip

Make a previous plan before starting your trip. Choose the safest path to your destination. It helps you to drive feel free and gives a fresh mind in driving. You may follow the Google map for the traffic updates so that you can get the place in time. Most of the people are getting late in their work due to not planning the trip properly. Hence they drive fast to reach the destination and sometimes they are involved in an accident.

3) Check your vehicle condition

Check your vehicle condition

Always check and sort everything in the car before starting the journey. As a result, if there is any error, then you can fix it before the trip. Check the brake, tire, electric system, indicator lights before the start. In many cases, people fall victim to a car accident due to faulting the car. It is also important for the car to be safe for safe travel.

4) Slow and steady wins the race

Slow and steady wins the race

Driving is an art. We all know that over-speeding is fun for us. But it’s important to always remember that public streets are not a perfect place to show off this kind of skill. Even in the open road, we all should maintain the speed limit. It’s necessary for safe driving to maintain the speed limit all time. In driving there is a saying called “Over-speed kill”. This proverb is more related to the motorcycle riders.

5) Wearing seatbelt/helmet

Wearing seatbelt/helmet

The first rule of starting driving is wearing the seatbelt or helmet. Most of the drivers didn’t do it. This thing is very risky and unprofessional for safe driving. The seatbelt is to keep you from receiving a traumatic head injury. In the case of a motorcycle, a helmet will keep you safe from a head injury. People who are dying in a motorcycle accident are from a head injury. But the majority of people didn’t maintain the law and rule. It’s very necessary to drive by wearing a seatbelt/helmet during driving.

6) Keep your distance

Keep your distance

By controlling the vehicle speed please keep a safe distance from the surrounding running vehicle. It’s a best practice for a good driver. Defensive driving is called safe driving. Defensive drivers always keep distance in front of other cars. This also helps you not to ram the car in front of yours during any emergency break.

7) Proper mirror position

Proper mirror position

Many drivers do not use vehicle mirrors properly. They aren’t aware of the wrong mirror position. It helps to look at the specific position of your car from the other cars. It helps you to look at your interior and exterior rear-view from the driving seat without moving your head position.

8) Follow Traffic Signals

Follow Traffic Signals

Maintaining the traffic signals and rules is mandatory for a good driver. Pay close attention to follow all traffic signals and lights. You should follow the traffic signals and signs both in highways and city areas. Due to traffic rules violations, you may even lose your driving license.

9) Risky turns

Risky turns

Be serious when you are in front of a turn. Smoothly control the string when you cross the turns and follow on the coming vehicle from the other side. As per the history of road accidents, many accidents occur due to the wrong move in the turn.

10) Avoid using Mobile phones

Avoid using Mobile phones

Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in most of the country by law. You cannot talk or use a mobile phone during driving. If needed you need to park your car on the roadside and talk. When you operate a motor vehicle it’s not acceptable to use a mobile phone. Because it breaks your concentration from driving it could be a serious accident. Never use a mobile phone when you are driving.

11) Maintain a safe distance to the vehicle

Keep your distance

Usually, many drivers are not aware of maintaining a safe distance to the vehicle in front of them. This is most important for a driver to keep safe from accidents. So keep a safe distance to the vehicle. Keeping a safe distance from another vehicle is one of the main training of basic driving.

12) Proper use of signal lights

Proper use of signal lights

Using all signal lights as per need is very necessary for safe driving. Crossing turn and u-turn to use the signal light. When you are running your vehicle in the rain monsoon at night use your headlight. It can play an important role to keep safe from danger. Driving during the night is one of the most major challenging times for the driver for signal lights.

13) Road sharing to the other drivers

Road sharing to the other drivers

Always remember that you are not only driving on the road. A professional driver always drives by sharing the road with other drivers. All drivers deserve respect and honor on the road. Never do racing with other drivers around you or don’t show any aggression during the ride.

14) Don’t be predictable

Don’t be predictable

Don’t be predictable when you are on the road. Suddenly don’t stop your vehicle or lane change thinking there is no vehicle behind you. Make sure that there is a safe distance from the other vehicles, otherwise, there will be an accident.

15) Maintain your vehicle properly

Maintain your vehicle properly

Always follow up on your car’s health and make sure that your vehicle is running in good condition. Check all the parts of the vehicle that are performing nicely. Make sure you are changing your engine oil and check all the parts by the experts.

Hope by following the above rules you will be able to drive safely mostly. A car accident can be a life devastating incident. So it is recommended not to get involved in such things. Stay safe on the road by driving smartly. Follow all the recommended rules and traffic laws to keep your car safe.

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