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How to Avoid Speed Ticket & Accident During Driving

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How to Avoid Speed Ticket & Accident During Driving

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If you are going around the city, or on an interstate road trip or so, then speeding tickets is a common issue. If you are going in a lot of hurry, then there are a myriad of ways that might lead you to cross the speeding limits and upset the patrol officer and what not. At that particular moment, you might have to talk your way out of a sticky situation. The speeding ticket might be a very problematic implication. You should try to have no criminal records at your side. That might seem a bit movie-like but who wants to go to courts and pay?

Moreover, apart from a speeding ticket, being in a rush and going overboard might even lead to a loss of life and limb. We don’t want anything to happen to our health and life in general. So, speeding also heavily increases the chances of you getting injured. You should have some expressways to get out of getting a hefty ticket on your name and in the same vein to save your own life and limb. We are bringing to you some of the best ways to wheedle your way out of a ticket and also some tips to not speed at all.

Go By The Book

The first and foremost way of not getting a ticket is to not do the things the law prohibits you from. You have to follow the rules of the road diligently. Speeding above a particular limit is punishable and you should know the limit if you stay within that particular locale. But if you are in another city and don’t know the limits, go out of your way to learn about them as soon as possible. If you stay within the guidelines of the speeding regulations within that specific area, there is no possibility of getting a ticket let alone being in an accident.

Turn off your speeding habits

If you have a speeding habit that has stood the test of time, you should get them under control by now. Some of us put the fourth and fifth gear in wider areas or highways. That is not only irresponsible but also negligent. Just because there is a wider area to drive around in does not give express permission to zoom about. Thus, it might lead to tickets from officers as well as crashing into oncoming vehicles parked or at a slow pace. If you don’t keep your habits and triggers in check, then you deserve a ticket to curb your habit!

Plan out your trip beforehand

Before going into your car and revving up your engines, please make sure you plan your trip. The planning will make sure you start your journey in time. You will not need to go beyond the speed limit. If you can plan what you want to do and where you want to go, then you can go there at your own steady pace. There will be no need for speeding or stepping on the gas in a manner that makes you break the law in any way. Planning gives you such liberty to go at a pleasant pace and not worry about the law.

Get a Radar Detector

In many instances, if you have a problem keeping the speed in check, you can install a radar detector in your car. A radar detector picks up on electro-magnetic pulses and detects if there are any police radars in the area. But there are some caveats to this gadget. In many states or countries, this may be banned. If the location you are in does not allow for radar detectors then don’t go for them. But in cases where they are legal, a radar detector can save yourself from getting a ticket. But it is sort of just a cheat to let you off on a ticket and it won’t save you from any accidents. But it’s still a way to avoid a sure ticket.

Have your car be ticket-proof

If you are going to be caught by an officer then you have to have a car that ticks all the boxes. Each car has got many regulations to follow in terms of seatbelts, windows, backseat installations, and whatnot. There are many things the patrol officer might pick up on. You have to make sure you have the car in pristine condition. The car has to have the right installations. So, even if you do get a speeding violation, the officer can’t add on or pile on other violations. Then you can also leverage your clean image to get off the ticket.

Be Evasive in Conversations

We do not support or endorse rash and speedy driving on highways, but if you are caught in a tight situation, we do have some tips that will help you get off easy. When you are caught, don’t admit that you had sped. That would result in the admission of guilt and it will end up in you getting a ticket. Say that you were in a hurry and was unaware of the speed limit being broken. Don’t say that you knew at what speed you were going. Smartly, be evasive about the whole situation. If the speeding was not that much high then the officer might just let you off with a warning.

Be in your Best behavior

It is really bad to intentionally do a speeding violation and then be very rough about being pulled over by the officer. No matter what the rank of the official is, the person is still an officer of the law. Don’t show any temper or behave badly with the officer. Be on your best behavior. Remember that you are the one at fault here, not the officer. Do not show that you are entitled, behave with grace, and describe your situation. If your act is punishable then accept it without any arguments. This cool and calm demeanor can make the officer look you more sympathetically.

Be Conversational

When the officer pulls you over, be very conversational, and tell the officer about your situation. Tell it like an anecdote and make him/her sympathetic. The officer may be stern and might not want you to speak so flippantly. So read the situation. You might ask about the town’s recent state or even ask the officer about themselves. Engage in small talk and try to avoid any instances about the violation itself. Don’t be over-talkative but keep the tone light and breezy. If you talk normally and with proper sensitivity, then the officer might let you off with a warning. But don’t try to impose your charisma on more strict individuals.


Now if getting a ticket is a very bad violation for you, then ask the officer to delay the court date. Tell the officer that you need more time to gather the information or proof. If you delay the court date, the officer might not remember the exact details of the whole event. You can get off the charges easily and in without any damages. This is the very last trick you can employ.

Last few words

Speeding violations are not good in any way. But if you were at the wrong place and the wrong time then the tips we said will help you a great deal. But always abide by the law and make sure you don’t do speeding. If you do you will not only cause economic charges for yourself but also might end up in an accident in the future. Stay responsible, stay safe, and the law has the last word.

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