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How to Check Car’s Health For A Safe Drive

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How to Check Car’s Health For A Safe Drive

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Your car is an important part of your everyday life. Commuting from one place to another is a utility that we all need on a day to day basis. Whether going shopping, attending classes or making sure that you attend the office on time, cars are the main form of transportation. In some cases, cars become very close to us.

Checking the car’s health to ensure the safety of your transportation is a very important job before you go on the next trip. There are lots of implications of checking your car’s health. But you should do it more often because you wouldn’t know when the next journey might be.

In most of the instances, we use the servicing stations to get our car health check done. It has been so for a long time. But if you want to have a good idea of what you want as a car owner then you should have some knowledge about the finer details.

In that way, you can observe what are the main aspects of your car that is linked to the overall health of a car. So, if you know these aspects then you can check your car’s heath yourself. Here are some of the things you have to check:

Check Battery Power Source

The main power source of the car’s power is either oil or gas. The fuel is the first thing you need to check to ensure that your car is healthy. Check the indicator to see how much fuel you have. If you have a half tank then it’s not enough for a long trip. You need to fill it up as quickly as possible.

But if it’s just a visit to a place close to your home then you don’t need to refill. But please make sure that you have enough in the tank to make it back to your house. For bigger journeys, having a refill is a very good idea.

Inspect Brake Fluids

Your car needs a whole lot of fluids to run. Other than the fuel you have to have brake fluids. If you don’t have fuel than the worse that could happen is you might be stranded in the middle of nowhere during a trip. But if you don’t have the proper fluids onboard then, you will not have the proper fluids like the ones you see in brakes, then there might result in brake failure.

If your brakes fail then, results can be catastrophic. Make sure all the fluids are according to the car’s manual and also keep them in between minimum and maximum.

Check Engine Oil

Staying in the topic of fluids, engine oil is another very important part of the maintenance of a car. If you haven’t changed engine oil in a long time, then you might see that there is a lot of sludge in the engine.
If you can see add in more oil then it won’t change anything. You have to reach in and clear out the sludge. If not, your engine will not function and you will have a start and stop type of performance from your car. So you should look to have the engine oil changed and kept at a premium level throughout.

Check Tire Air

Tires are the most important parts of your car when it comes to motion. If you have flat or punctured tires then it’s an obvious fact that you can’t go forward. So before a big journey, make sure you have perfect tires to boot. You might need to drive for more than 8 hours to get to one place from another.

So make sure you have a good set o tire on that can go a long way. It’s also a good idea to have a spare tire or two because you really cannot predict what will happen. If you have many tires then you will be set for the whole trip.

Check Signals and Indicator Lights

Another crucial part of your car is the lights you use. The lights can light up dark corners of the road. They are essential to travel in the dark. Not to mention the backlights are indicators to the cars behind about where you are turning. The indicators are essential when you are on the highway. They can save you from unwanted accidents and also play a huge role in navigation on the road. So, you should have the lights checked out properly. If your indicators and headlights are in proper order then you will have a safer time on the road.

Make Sure Windshield Wipers Works

A windshield is an important tool for any journey. You can’t count on the weather. It might change at any time. The wipers play a huge role in making sure your windshield is clear as well as you can drive properly.

If you are traveling on a monsoon or rain season then you need to have better wipers. Make sure you check the wipers and see that they are functioning properly or not. If both of them aren’t functioning properly, then you will see that your windshield won’t be protected and you will have problems driving at that moment.

Clean Air Filter Regularly

Comfort is a crucial part of your journey. If you don’t feel at home inside your driving space then it’s uneasy to concentrate on the road in any manner. The air filter is a must-have if you are going on a big tour. Make sure that your air filter is cleaned out and doesn’t have any unwanted materials suck inside.

If your air filter isn’t working properly then it will get quite difficult to stay within the car for longer periods. If you don’t clean or replace a damaged filter, then the air in the car will be quite unbearable.

For emergencies

Last but not the least, keep a tool-bag full of tools, that you might need in the long run in case of emergencies. Keep food, water, first aid kit for personal emergencies. You also need tools like screwdrivers, Stepney, a wrench, bolts, wires, and some other things. It’s better to keep a toolbox handy. Keep spare tires, a gallon of oil, and air purifiers at the ready. If you have all these tools inside your car then you can make sure that your trip will be very good.

At last, the steps we talked about above are more than essential for you to have a good long trip. With the steps we talked about you can go DIY and get a check for yourself. It can also save money on your cars as you won’t have to run to your local car repairs at a frequent rate.

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