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Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle for You

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle for You

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Who doesn’t admire a motorcycle that just flies by on the road? A motorcycle is not only a transport medium for many, but it also holds a pure joy and opens a certain amount of freedom of life. If you are willing to get a motorcycle and thinking of owning one, this article will be helpful for you.

Decide what type of riding you will do

It’s the most important aspect of choosing a motorcycle for yourself. There are different types of motorcycles for different road conditions and riding types. For example, maybe you are interested in dirt riding, then you have to purchase a bike that is suitable for riding in the dirt.

Again similarly there are suitable motorcycles for casual riding, speeding, and commuting.
Most of the riders’ mix up their motorcycle types. They purchase a motorcycle and want to get all the benefits in one, Which is never possible to get. A speed-oriented motorcycle won’t give you much comfort other than speed, similarly, a cruiser bike made for comfort will not give instant throttle response like a sports bike.

Whichever bike you take, make sure your feet touch the ground. Height and body posture is a must thing to understand before going for a purchase. Otherwise, no matter how good the motorcycle is, you won’t find comfort in it.

Therefore, be wise while choosing the genre of riding. Don’t regret it after you get the motorcycle. You can always test a ride from the manufacturer’s showroom or by renting from a rental shop. It will not take more than thirty minutes to understand which type of motorcycle is maybe perfect for your needs.

Getting motorcycle insurance and driving license

Keep in mind that there are different rules in different states. But every state will want you to have your motorcycle insured via an insurance company which will require a driving license so that they can ensure you are capable of driving the motorcycle without harming others on the road unintentionally.

You will have to sit for a written test and as well as a practical exam will happen to certify you as a motorcycle rider. Besides, it’s always a good practice to protect both yourself and your motorcycle with proper insurance to protect your body and the investment in the case of theft, accidental damage, or unwanted incidents.

Choosing the amount of Power!

This part is going to be technical. So, bear with it and try to understand. Motorcycle engine power is measured by the unit called “CC”. It is the same as any engine. So don’t worry. Cubic centimeters or cc represent the cylinder displacement size inside the engine. The bigger the cc, the bigger power it can deliver. Produces a massive amount of heat to accelerate the motorcycle faster.

The above statement is true in general but not all the time. Other factors can cause power delivery to happen more in a lower cc engine than a higher cc engine. Compression ratios, valve trains, and many more aspects cause it to happen. Also, there is the fact of weight ratio. A sportbike which is 800cc but weighs less than a 1800cc cruiser bike can accelerate rapidly due to its weight to power ratio.

So, choosing the amount of power is not as easy as choosing the type of motorcycle right? Yes, it is confusing but what we recommend is start with a moderate cc motorcycle-like 600cc. You will feel the power and will not see any lack of satisfaction in this segment. CC of Motorcycle is not always meant to go faster. It is the power delivery that makes it important.

A low cc bike doesn’t give a consistent power delivery and it can feel a little bit painful to ride a motorcycle for a long time. Especially on the highway when you need to maintain the speed of 150km/h but your lower cc motorcycle keeps running hot due to its small engine displacement. Higher and moderate cc engines use liquid cooling technology which keeps the engine cool at higher rpm and will give a delicate ride.

Budget that fits your pocket

In this section, we don’t have anything to advise you. It solely depends on you to purchase a bike according to your budget. You can take motorcycle loans from reputable banks and organizations but keep in mind, you are purchasing your first bike! You may not like it after a year or so and when you have more knowledge of motorcycles you might want to switch to another one.

So, our suggestion is, don’t take out a loan for your first motorcycle. Be realistic and purchase within your budget.

Riding Gears and Accessories

A motorcycle is the only motorized vehicle that leaves the driver fully exposed. Apart from the leg guard, no protection can truly protect you. So, you have to purchase motorcycling outfits and safety gear before buying your motorcycle.

1. Helmet:

The most important part to purchase before the event holding the handle of your motorcycle! Pick a helmet that is comfortable to wear, fits perfectly, and not too tight or loose. The color, design, and brand are solely up to your likings. Just a reputable helmet that has DOT certification and you are good to go.

2. Riding Jacket and Trouser:

Riding jackets and trousers are made from a very delicate material that is not so heavy but can protect you from heavy scratches and bruises. It can even save you from breaking your arms or legs. Invest in a good quality armored jacket and it will give you service for a decade or so.

3. Gloves:

Motorcycle gloves give a perfect grip to handle the motorcycle. You will sweat with your bare hand and can slip while riding that. Motorcycle hand gloves are a must for motorcycle riders. It can also protect your fingers and hand if you fall or crash.

4. Shoes:

Boot type of shoes are perfect for riding a motorcycle. You will find much comfort and confidence while riding with the riding specific shoes. They will provide a greater balance to your brake lever and gear shifter.
5. BT Communicator: It’s considered dangerous to use your mobile phone while riding. But a Bluetooth communicator attached to your motorcycle helmet can provide a great value. Communicating with other riders and receiving phone calls without stopping your motorcycle is a pleasure.

Last Suggestion for Bike Purchase

We know there are more things to discuss, but we don’t want to overwhelm you. Everything in this world has its positive and negative sides. You just have to go by your guts and purchase your first motorcycle. Don’t do too much research, if you do, you will feel like you will never get a perfect motorcycle for your needs. One word of advice from us is- adapt. Purchase the bike and adapt to it. Ride it, know it. You will understand what you should do or not do by yourself. Happy riding!

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