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Top 7 Best Electric Bikes Review

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Best Electric Bikes Review

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Electric bicycles have become very common among the city and urban dwellers. Especially those who ride a short distance every day, it has been a blessing to them. Daily tasks like home to office, school, and household needs are managed neatly by this travel companion. In short, these are the perfect machines to run errands.

According to your needs, there are various types of electric bicycles. If you live in an urban area where roads are bumpy and also you have to ride inclined roads then you must purchase a bike with a higher wattage motor. If you will use it only on city roads then a lower wattage bike will be enough for your daily-do. Also, having good quality suspension can ease your riding experience. At the same time, Mileage is everyone’s priority when purchasing an electric bicycle. We get it. So, when you purchase an e-bike, you must consider buying the one which has a powerful battery. Most electric bicycles come with rechargeable and removable batteries. Charging the batteries inside the home is not an issue.

Due to this electric bike sales are increasing day by day. But if you are interested in buying an electric bike for you then you should be very careful. Do not rush if you found any ad related to an electric bike for sale. You may fall victim to buying any second hand faulty electric bike. There are so many different aspects of an electric bicycle. Now let’s help you to find out which electric bike will be a better choice for your needs. For your kind knowledge, we are giving a top 8 electric bike review. So that you can find the best one for yours.

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List of Products

1. Ancheer 500W Adults Electric Bicycle

Ancheer 500W Adults Electric Bicycle
Ancheer has been producing electric bikes for a long time. They have a wide range of models to choose from. Among them, this particular model is suitable for any type of riding. Whether you ride in urban or city areas, it will be your best travel buddy. A powerful 500W brushless motor increased its hill-climbing ability, providing an ample amount of power to commute daily routes and to rock the mountain roads. A maximum speed of 22mph can be achieved by this monster commuter. This bike has a larger capacity removable battery attached to it. Provide enough juice to travel up to 22 miles per charge. You can charge the battery on or off the bike, so it’s convenient.

This bike comes 85% assembled, the rest you need to assemble yourself. Important tools will be provided in the box, so you can fit it yourself. If you don’t have the time or no idea how it can be done, you can choose their local service to fit it for you with some extra cost.

Key Features
  • Equipped with powerful 500w brushless motor
  • Powerful 48V 10Ah battery for up to 22 miles’ ride
  • 21-speed gear mechanism
  • LCD shows battery level, current speed, mileage, and pedal assistance level
  • Front and rear disk brakes

Brand: Ancheer
Model: B084Q6X3CS
Weight: 53 pounds

  • High strength aluminum frame
  • Features throttle and pedal-assist mode
  • Good load capacity
  • Suspension for a comfortable ride
  • Tires not so good
  • The meter may fail to work
  • The seat may feel uncomfortable

2. Ancheer 350W Electric Bicycle

Ancheer 350W Electric Bicycle
Ancheer’s 350W electric bike is equipped with a decently powered motor. The product is named Red Sunshine. It may seem underpowered but it provides more than enough to power your day-to-day commutes, a cruise on the mountain, or a meander along your favorite trail. For a 350W motor, it is quite decent to have a 20mph top speed.

The main advantage of this bike is having a less powerful motor is it draws less power from the battery. This results in a good range of mileage. You can easily get up to 30 miles per charge. The battery is from Samsung and it is removable.  This e-bike has more features packed into its sleeves. It is a recommended e-bike if anyone is interested to ride a longer distance every day.

Key Features
  • 350W high-speed brushless gear motor
  • Powerful 36V 7.8Ah Samsung li-ion battery for up to 30 miles’ ride
  • Shimano 21-speed gear system
  • LED 4-speed smart meter button
  • Aluminum frame with a steel fork and disk brakes

Brand: Ancheer
Model: Red Dragon (B07WZFTGB4)
Weight: 52 pounds

  • Features throttle mode
  • Good load capacity
  • 26-inch regular mountain bike wheels
  • Low charge backup
  • Not suitable for mountain biking
  • Small size

3. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike
Portability concerned customers will like this foldable electric bike one. Suppose your garage is suitable for just one car and you can’t keep a bike in there which needs to be changed often, you can simply fold the bike and reduce its dimension. Also, for being lightweight you can carry it anywhere with you. No tension of getting stolen and wherever you go there will be your vehicle with you.

Key Features
  • Collapsible frame for quick folding
  • 36V 8Ah removable li-ion battery
  • 250w motor with 7-speed gear

Brand: Ancheer
Model: B07Q5DQ9MT
Weight: 52 pounds

  • Takes minimal storage space
  • Good load capacity
  • Equipped with 3 riding modes
  • Bad customer service
  • Poor build quality
  • Battery may fail

4. ANCHEER 250W Electric Bike

ANCHEER 250W Electric Bike
Ancheer electric bike looks and feels like a normal bicycle. For years this brand has been manufacturing high-quality cost-effective e-bikes. Though this electric bike comes with a 250W decently powerful motor, you have to understand everyone has their needs. If you don’t need a powerful motor then you can go for this e-bike. Perks of having a 250W motor is that you can get up to 25-50km mileage per charge, depending on your riding mode. It includes front and rear disk brakes and 21-speed gear shifter from Shimano which lead to a smooth-riding and braking experience. Also, a bright LED headlamp attached for a night ride.

Key Features
  • Stable 250W high-speed brushless gear motors
  • Removable 36V 8Ah li-ion battery provides mileage up to 30 miles
  • Aluminum construction with dual disk brakes
  • 21-speed gear system

Brand: Ancheer
Model: B01AU7KWXC
Weight: 50 pounds

  • Good load capacity of 330 pounds
  • Comfortable shock absorber
  • Easy charge port system
  • 3 working modes with LED meter
  • Poorly written assembly instructions
  • Assist mode may turn off automatically and requires some time to back on
  • The motor may not power up

5. SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding eBike

SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Lightweight and Aluminum Folding eBike
A pre-assembled folding e-bike which is made of aluminum is a great choice for travel enthusiasts. This Swagtron e-bike has a 250W hub motor which is perfect for its dimension. Packing a small wheelbase, mileage stands around 15.5 miles per charge. The tires are made of rubber and easy to maintain. The main advantage of this e-bike is it can fit into any compact place. Whether you travel in a car, you can simply keep this in your trunk. While you are not traveling, you can just store this in your closet.

Key Features
  • Decent 250W hub motor
  • 36V lithium-ion battery gives mileage up to 15.5 miles
  • Auto guard brake that helps to disengage motor while braking
  • 14” wheels with air-filled rubber tires

Brand: Swagtron
Model: EB-5 Pro
Weight: 37 pounds

  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Portable and compact foldable design
  • Height adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Load capacity is low
  • Not aluminum body
  • Battery may fail
  • Little uncontrollable to ride

6. NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

Keeping female riders in mind, Nakto has introduced its electric bicycle. The ergonomics of this e-bike are female-friendly but the male can also use it without any problem. The chassis is made of high-quality carbon steel and includes a comfortable shock absorber. This e-bike is equipped with V-brake, which is enough to stop this low power bicycle. It is powered by a 36V battery and a 250W brushless motor. Perks of having a decent wattage motor is the mileage, you can get up to 35 miles per charge with this e-bike.

Featuring a front basket and rear heavy-duty carrier makes this bike perfect for cargo work. You can store and travel with many things inside. The front headlamp will lead your way at night and different modes will help you to ride this as per your liking.

Key Features
  • Decent 250W brushless gear motor
  • Removable 36v & 10Ah battery provides mileage up to 35 miles
  • 2 working modes: E-bike and assisted bicycle.
  • 6-speed transmission system

Brand: Nakto
Model: B01N1GN306
Weight: 50 pounds (including shipping)

  • Good quality material and affordable price
  • Comfortable carbon steel shock absorber
  • Front basket and rear carrier for storage
  • Motor may fail
  • Has a material quality issue
  • A poor braking mechanism makes it tough

7. ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike

ANCHEER 500W Electric Bike
If you are looking for an e-bike that can do mountain biking, and also perfect for urban and city roads, this Ancheer electric bike is perfect for you. Featuring a powerful 500W brushless motor drives this bike in any terrain at ease. At the heart of this e-bike, it has a 12.5A battery which can give up to 40 miles per charge. Astonishing isn’t it? Well, you have to ride in a slower mode to avail of this range of mileage. Regularly, you can surely get around 20 miles per charge however you ride. Though it’s nice to have a long-range for occasional touring.

This bike has a front headlamp, suspension, dual disk brakes, digital meter, and many more. It comes 85% pre-installed from the factory, the rest is up to you. You can do it yourself by following the provided instruction manual or seek help from a professional service.

Key Features
  • Powerful 500W high-speed brushless motor that can run 20mph
  • 36V & 12.5Ah Li-ion battery provides up to 40 miles’ mileage
  • 21-speed shifter
  • Aluminum alloy construction with 26” wheels and dual disk brakes

Brand: Ancheer
Model: B07V4M9ZHJ
Weight: 50 pounds

  • Larger battery capacity for good mileage
  • Great load capacity
  • LED meter with 3 working modes: E-bike, assisted bicycle, and normal bicycle
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Poorly written assembly instructions
  • Assist mode may turn off automatically Motor may fail to power up

Some Last Words

An electric bike is a batter option than a regular bike. Electric bikes are efficient and more functional. An electric bike can help you to save your valuable time as well as your energy. They are easy to maintain and affordable. So buying an electric bike could be a wise choice.

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