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Top 5 Best Motorcycle Mirror Review

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Top Best Motorcycle Mirror Review

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Every motorcycle manufacturer includes rearview mirrors in their motorcycle. It is a necessity for safety. But you may not like the stock mirror as it can be too small and not good quality, which is a part of cost-cutting and doesn’t provide great visibility. The room for aftermarket mirrors comes in because of this reason.

Though many people think that motorcycle mirrors are not that essential for bikes. But this is a life-saving item for the motorcycle riders. It will help you a lot to look at the cars running on your side and beside you. This will also help you to take turns on the road as well as changing the lane. In some countries, without having any side mirror of your motorcycle you will be fined. So please do not ignore the importance of this essential item of a motorcycle.

Today we will discuss five aftermarket rearview mirrors for your motorcycle that will be better than your stock one and why you should get any one of these.

List of Products

1. FENRIR CNC Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Bar End Mirror

FENRIR CNC Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Bar End Mirror
This Fenrir rearview mirror fits a wide range of motorcycles. Natively supported by almost all models of Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, Hyosung, BMW, KTM, Triumph, Aprilia, Benelli, Zero Moto, Guzzi, MV Agusta, Harley, and Victory.
This features a convex lens that provides great visibility and clarity. Also, the blue lens protects your eyes by reducing glare. Rigid body made out of CNC finished alloy and coated with black paint. Fits inside 13-18mm diameter handlebars easily. The screw must be tightened enough so that it stays in place.

Highlighted Features
  • Fit inside handlebar
  • 360° free adjustment
  • Anti-glare blue lens
  • Convex shape for wide visibility
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy construction

Brand: Fenrir
Model: 801-0324
Weight: 1.74 pounds

  • Easy to install
  • Durable housing with black coating
  • Eye protective lens
  • Clear and wide visibility
  • Weatherproof
  • Mirror has warp issue
  • Not suitable for all models
  • Needs minor adjustment

2. MICTUNING Motorcycle Mirrors – Bar End Rear View Mirrors

MICTUNING Motorcycle Mirrors - Bar End Rear View Mirrors
Mictuning rearview mirrors have a wide fitment for the motorcycles which have hollow handlebars. It’s suitable for some models of Rhinomoto, Yamaha, Honda Grom, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and KTM. The lens is a convex type so wide visibility is guaranteed. The anti-glare coating on the mirror provides better eye care and clear visibility. You will feel much safer with this mirror as it can be adjusted 180°, so you can set according to your riding posture. Made with zinc alloy for giving a longer-lasting experience.

Highlighted Features
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Anti-glare lens
  • 180° rotatable housing adjustment
  • 360°rotatable mirror adjustment
  • Zinc alloy housing
  • Convex shape for greater visibility

Brand: Mictuning
Model: MIC-MRM-325
Weight: 1.25 pounds

  • Multi-angle adjustment
  • Light in weight
  • Sturdy housing
  • Eye protective lens
  • Has vibration issue
  • Only suitable for 7/8-inch hollow handlebars
  • Modification needed for certain models

3. MICTUNING Universal Motorcycle Mirrors – 3 Inch Round Folding Bar End Side Mirror

MICTUNING Universal Motorcycle Mirrors - 3 Inch Round Folding Bar End Side Mirror
A round rearview mirror that is compact in size and fits in any motorcycle that has 7/8 inch diameter handlebars. It is suitable for Harley Davidson, Moto Guzzi, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, Cruiser, Scooter, Victory and many more.

This round 3” mirror is convex shaped. Ensuring wide visibility and it can be adjusted 360° with the help of its ball head. So, you can adjust to any angle you want. The housing is made out of CNC finished alloy, providing sturdy construction. If you are looking for a stylish mirror that also serves the purpose then this Mictuning rearview mirror will be perfect for you.

Highlighted Features
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Round shape convex lens
  • Aluminum alloy housing
  • 360° rotatable mirror adjustment

Brand: Mictuning
Model: MIC-HBSM-190
Weight: 0.65 pounds

  • Multi-angle adjustment
  • Wide fitment
  • Very light in weight
  • Only suitable for 7/8-inch handlebars
  • Has vibration and quality issue
  • No instructions inside the box

4. MICTUNING Universal Hawk- Eye Motorcycle Convex Rear View Mirror

MICTUNING Universal Hawk- Eye Motorcycle Convex Rear View Mirror
This is a universal motorcycle mirror that fits into any kind of motorcycle that has a 7/8 inch sized handlebar. With a 10mm bolt, it can be mounted to most models of motorcycles natively. For greater safety, this mirror has a 6.1” convex lens. It provides a wide and clear vision behind to see any upcoming obstacle. Also, the angle can be adjusted to any position with the help of its 360° rotatable ball head. The housing is made out of high-quality ABS material. A stylish design is achieved through the hawk-eye shape. Moreover, the mirror is shockproof and corrosion resistant, so you can use it for many years without breaking it.

Highlighted Features
  • Large 6.1” glass gives a wide field of vision
  • Adjustable ball-type connecting joint
  • Heavy-duty ABS shell with steel stem
  • Unique hawk-eye charming look
  • Can be installed in a wide range of models

Brand: Mictuning
Model: B06Y2RH6WG
Weight: 1.47 pounds

  • Solid construction
  • Flexible 360° adjustment
  • Comes with metal clamp
  • Clear viewing angle
  • No instructions inside the box
  • May look big on certain models
  • Has vibration and lens warp issue

5. SMT-Claw Skeleton Hand Mirror

SMT-Claw Skeleton Hand Mirror
Looking for a unique rearview mirror for your motorcycle? Well, this might not fit most of the bikes but in the first place it is not made for most bikes in mind also. This skeleton shaped mirror is compatible with very limited models. So, be sure if it will fit before buying. It has an easy adjustment to all directions with swivel design. Made out of billet aluminum, so it will last long.

Highlighted Features
  • High-quality billet aluminum housing
  • Chrome skeleton hand like stem design
  • Easy to install

Brand: SMT-Moto
Model: SMT-MT333-C-CD1
Weight: 2.45 pounds

  • Decent viewing angle
  • Stylish looking
  • Little vibration
  • Not suitable for a wide range of models
  • Chrome has rust issue
  • May lose occasionally

Consideration for Motorcycle Mirror Before You Buy

Most motorcycle owners opt to buy a third party rearview mirror because the stock mirror doesn’t satisfy them. Maybe you are a stock mirror user and don’t find any problem with it. Chances are you didn’t try anything other than stock one, so you don’t know the difference. When you start using a third party mirror you will never go back. Great visibility, stylish looks, eye care, and anti-glare technology will blow your mind.

  • Before buying a motorcycle mirror, the first thing to look for, if it fits in your motorcycle. Scroll through online catalogs and you can see the enlisted bike models that fit the mirror. The measurement is written in diameter, so buy the one which matches the end of your handlebars.
  • Preference is an important factor. You may like oval-shaped or hawk-eye shaped mirrors. Get the one you like.
  • Consider buying a mirror that has multi-angle adjustment capability. A 180° or 360° rotatable mirror can be adjusted to an angle that fits your height or riding position.
  • Longevity must be a concern for many buyers. Choose the one which is not made out of complete plastic. High-quality ABS material, CNC finished aluminum or even a steel-framed mirror will be enough to last long.
  • Please do not go to any unauthorized shop to buy a mirror for your motorcycle. Most of the cases, these motorcycle mirrors are not good or do not offer any guarantee.
  • Make sure the box you are provided with the mirror box has all the items it describes outside the box
  • Durability and longevity are the main cause of the motorcycle mirror. So get a review from the experts or the online and choose your desired model which suit you the best.

Motorcycle Mirror FAQ

How to choose a motorcycle mirror?
You must confirm first that the mirror will fit in your motorcycle’s handlebar. Then you can choose the mirror by its features and price. Make sure the mirror you are buying has a great user review and durability.

Which motorcycle mirror will be good for a viewing?
A high-quality lens can guarantee you a better viewing angle. Convex shaped lenses are great for wide visibility. But it also depends on the bike height, road condition, and some other parameters. So make sure you are following all the buying considerations before your purchase.

How to know a mirror will last long?
The durability of the mirror depends on the following things: Made out of aluminum, ABS, or steel frame will be good for longevity and won’t break easily. Besides that, there are many mirror handles or frames made from high-quality plastics which are now trending in the market. This plastic body made mirror frame is lower in price.

Which shape is perfect for rear viewing?
A hawk-eye shaped mirror will be best for wide-angle visibility. A round shape is doable also. So you need to choose the perfect one for your considering the color, shape, and model of your motorcycle. This is life-saving items for the motorcycle riders so make sure you have the perfect one.

Is an anti-glare lens effective for health?
Yes, Light glare from behind will not sore your eyes by using an anti-glare lens motorcycle mirror. Bright headlights from vehicles cause lens glaring issues which prevent us from seeing clearly, so having an anti-glare lens can increase your health’s safety.

An independent opinion about Motorcycle side mirror

For safety reasons, motorcycle side mirrors are provided with every brand of motorcycles. But in my opinion, most of the stock mirrors are not much of high quality. They cut their cost in this just to obey safety standard rules. Well, it may seem the stock ones are enough, then you have to test a better quality mirror yourself. Motorcycle side mirrors are a necessity, so don’t go cheap on these. A turn to the left or right may become deadly if you can’t see the angles behind you properly. Always try to get the best value for money products.

A bad quality mirror’s lenses are not high quality, which prevents us from seeing clearly. Increases risk of accidents occurring. A good quality mirror has many benefits. First and foremost, it provides wider visibility. You can get a clear vision of your back, no need to look behind. It helps to concentrate on the front more than the back.

Many riders face a common problem at night. That is, they can’t see behind because of the glare caused by headlights. By getting an anti-glare lens you can increase your field of vision by terminating glares. For day time, these mirrors also equip UV rays safe material and enhance riding comfort.

Good quality mirrors are sturdy. They are made out of high-quality materials, which helps it not to break. Also, it reduces vibration while riding. You can always get a smooth vision. Therefore it is recommended to get a third party high-quality motorcycle mirror than the stock one. Well, the stock one is not that bad but you will notice lots of improvement after spending on a third party motorcycle mirror.

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