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What is The Future of Electric cars?

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What is The Future of Electric cars

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Humans have been trying to restore the environment for a long time. One step to that is the creation of electric cars, helping carbon emission to lessen from the world. The automotive world is going through a revolution for a few years. Slowly transitioning from gasoline cars to no-emission electric cars. That is why the future of electric cars is booming faster than ever. Due to high demand companies like Tesla are moving towards making more and more models of electric cars.

Additionally, there are a few adverse reasons that are causing a handful of times to go full electric. But electric cars have come a long way from its beginning. A new era waits for humankind to eradicate their failings on the planet earth’s environment.

There is a complication though for the usefulness of electric cars. As we know these cars run on battery so they need charge often. The electricity that is produced to charge these cars are still natural resource-based. If we can make sure the electricity provided to charge these cars is from green energy then it will find its true meaning.

In most cases, maybe it may seem that electric cars will change the whole transport system, but as of now, it is not much popular among the common people. The reason behind this is the car’s cost. Through technological advancement, electric cars have become a little costlier than before but it is still above the reach of average people. It’s because the research and development cost behind these cars is so much higher than gasoline-based cars.

Other than cost, people want convenience. There is not an ample amount of charging stations to meet the users’ needs. According to a survey, 63% of Americans voted for “not enough stations to charge” to not purchase an electric car. Also, gasoline cars don’t require you to wait for several hours to get it running. Though Electric car charging stations offer fast charging for their cars, those are not universal. Different companies have their proprietary charging dock and charging adapter.

So, if you buy an electric car you are stuck to only being able to get charged from the car company’s charging station when you are on the go. So, to be popular among more people, they need to come to a condition where all the electric cars can fast-charge at any station.

The electric car world is not contained anymore. It’s getting recognition among consumers and average people. According to the Wall Street Journal, in 2019 the car manufacturers had pledged to invest a total of 225 billion dollars in the upcoming future. So, there is no doubt that the electric car is the transport of our future. Tesla is considered a pioneer in the electric car industry. They have released some successful models that are widely used and getting appreciated.

Apart from Tesla, all the brands that are famous for their gasoline-based cars, have released prototype or a purchasable electric car in recent years. For example, Audi released its high-end electric car E-Tron, Porsche is currently producing its performance-oriented electric car Taycan, and Lamborghini also announced to release their first electric car. If these multi-billion-dollar car manufacturers are getting serious about electric cars then it has a better future ahead.

We will see how best car manufacturers are planning to win over the electric car market soon in this section. We are giving some statistics so that you can get a clear idea about that. Here are the things:

Toyota Electric Cars

Toyota Electric Cars

Toyota is well known for its long reputation for making low cost and comfortable car making. As our technology is growing day by day they are also moving their cars technology towards future technology. After 2011, they are reported to produce alternative fuel cell cars and electric cars to compete for their rival car manufacturers. In that perspective, they are now making more and more electric cars rather than traditional fuel-based cars.

Toyota is one of the few brands which are well known for its flexible payment process and after-sales service. They have one of the biggest car and accessories distribution channels in the world. Hence it is very helpful for you if you have any issues with the cars after you have purchased it. In the meantime, the easy availability of their spare parts also makes them more popular with the people. In case your cars break down, you will get the spare parts easily as your requirement.

A hugely popular car company that is dominating the car world by selling 80% hybrid cars, announced they are going to achieve half of its sales from producing electric cars by 2025. Besides that Toyota is making cheap electric cars so that most people can afford that. Toyota will cooperate with Chinese battery companies to meet its demand. Toyota cars are gaining more and more popularity in the Asian market.

As per the public review, we have found that more than 75% of the current users are satisfied with the service of Toyota’s car. It has several car models which are known as all-time best-valued cars. In recent years, they have focused more on making and launching hybrid cars. In recent years, some of their favorite cars are 2020 4Runner, 2020 Highlander, 2020 RAV4 Hybrid, 2020 Corolla Hybrid, 2020 Avalon Hybrid, and some few others. These models of the cars usage most fuel-efficient cars as well as provide the most possible mileage in the lowest possible price in the market. You can avail Toyota electric cars with around $30,000 from the dealers.

Latest Electric Cars Of Toyota
  • 2019 Toyota Mirai Starting at $59,455
  • 2020 Toyota Prius Prime Starting at $28,855

Volkswagen Electric Cars

Volkswagen Electric Cars

Volkswagen is one of the top electric car manufacturers. They are well known for their stylish car design and a great review by the users. Volkswagen is one of the few car manufacturers who are introducing the futuristic technology and features in their cars fast. That is why people who drive the car for their personal use give preference to their cars. In recent years, it has increased the number of production of electric cars due to the high demand from the people. From now on you can purchase the latest VW electric car with just over USD 35K.

VW electric cars are gaining more credibility due to its design and performance. They are aiming for making up to 40% of its electric cars by 2030 and they will spend more than $30 billion by 2023. This makes them one of the most competitive electric car producers in the market. They are providing the most advanced electric car compared to other companies.

Among many models VW has offered to its customers from 2014, we have found that Jetta, Arteon & Atlas series model cars are the best. But in terms of electric cars, Volkswagen is manufacturing ID4, ID BUZZ, Id VIZZION. Almost all the electric cars designed by VW are fully focused to save your money. Electric cars are fully automated and cost less energy consumption. This helps you to save the environment from carbon pollution.

Volkswagen cars are popular throughout Europe and western America. The reason behind that is that the design of the cars manufactured by Volkswagen are specially created for these countries. Besides that, they are very well known for the automatic car features which trend the most. At the same time, the engines they are using in their cars are very much fuel-efficient and durable.

Latest Electric Cars Of Volkswagen
  • Volkswagen e-Up Starting at $22800
  • 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf Starting at $31,895
  • Volkswagen Passat GTE Starting at $41,044

General Motors Electric Cars

General Motors Electric Cars

General Motor Company is one of the most popular car manufacturers who are well known for making SUV and sedan cars. They have a long track record of making fuel-efficient engines and premium quality cars. In recent years, they are focusing on making more and more electric cars in their fleet.

General Motors aims to roll out its Escalade-like electric SUV under its Cadillac brand. The majority of Cadillac’s cars will turn electric by 2030 according to their president. General Motors are one of the best electric car manufacturers in the world. General Motors has recently worked with Honda to make new electric cars for future generations. Normally the price of their electric cars cost more than $35,000.

General Motors has 4 car brands. They are Chevy, Cadillac, GMC, and Buick. Among them, all of the models are enrolling for making a new electric car or already offered models that are already available in the market. It is expected that by the year 2024, we will see more EV’s will come in the fleet of General Motors.

In general cases, GM has better mileage than the other car manufacturer. This makes them more popular in countries where people used to drive for a long period. Recently, general motors are expanding its car market in Europe and Asia. Countries like China, Malaysia, Thailand, and some other countries in South-east Asia are now buying more General Motors cars due to its upgraded features and cost-efficient design.

Latest Electric Cars Of General Motors
  • 2020 Bolt EV Starting at $36,620
  • Menlo EV Starting at $$22,780

Ford Electric Cars

Ford Electric Cars

Ford is one of the eldest and technology-driven car companies. In the past few decades, they have offered the most eco-friendly and cost-efficient cars to its consumers. From the early 19th century they transformed their technology and upgraded their manufacturing quality considering the need of their customers. The USA is the main customer base of Ford. The growth of Ford never falls in the global market in many cases. Ford has released its SUV like an electric car that looks sporty in every aspect. The Ford Mustang Mach-E. The company has more cars rolled into its sleeves. They announced releasing around 40 electric cars by the year 2022.

Latest Electric Cars Of Ford
  • 2020 Edge: Starting at $31,100
  • 2019 Flex: Starting at $32,765
  • 2020 Expedition: Starting at $52,810
  • 2020 EcoSport: Starting at $24,885

Ford has special charging stations for its cars all-around in the USA. This makes them faster forward than the other car manufacturer. Besides that Ford has a home-based car charging system so that you can charge your car at your home now.

Volvo Electric Cars

Volvo Electric Cars

Volvo is well known for its super-heavy vehicle. But we all know them as a bus & truck manufacturer. Due to high demand from the customers and market trend, they are now moving to make more and more private vehicles which are Sedan & SUV types. As fuel consumption is the main concern nowadays for the car owner that’s why Volvo is making electric & hybrid car models for people. Low carbon emission and lower maintenance costs help these cars be more lucrative than traditional fuel cars.

Volvo is planning to get its 50% of the total sales from electric cars by 2025. They will reduce the carbon footprint by 40%, as announced. Also, Volvo is releasing its first electric car XC40 Recharge in 2020. They have a plan to go full-on electric cars by the year 2040. Volvo is more focusing on larger cars like bus, minivan, truck rather than the SUV or sedan.
Volvo is moving its marketing and fleet distribution all around the world rather than focusing on any specific market. Though they are relatively new in the electric car market, the models they are producing are much more advanced and futuristic. Rather, making a sedan Volvo is more focused on making an SUV. The last fully electric SUV of Volvo is “The XC40 Recharge”. This model uses the latest battery technology and automatic features which helps to run your car more smoothly.

Moreover, Volvo has several semi-electric cars which are known as hybrid cars. Volvo offers XC series, V series & S series. This is the first move of Volvo which paves the way for making new electric cars. We are expecting that by the end of 2025, we will see a full fleet of electric cars from Volvo.

Latest Electric Cars Of Volvo
  • 2020 Volvo XC40 Starting at $33,700
  • 2020 Volvo XC60 Starting at $40,150
  • 2020 Volvo XC40 Starting at $33,700

Honda Electric Cars

Honda Electric Cars

Honda is the pioneer in the electric car making industry. They are the first few companies that started making electric car designs considering zero carbon emission from the car for making a better future. The Honda administration is very positive about saving the environment. Every year they are doing some development in electric car making and introducing some few more models in the market.

Honda has its fully electric car Honda E and Honda Hybrid Jazz. It’s liked by many US consumers and this company has a lot of plans for electric cars by 2025. Honda is making cheap electric cars like Toyota. The overall performance of the Honda electric car is most satisfying to all of its customers. The overall customer review is more than the industry standard.

Latest Electric Cars Of Honda
  • 2020 Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid: Starting Price. $34,355
  • 2019 Honda Clarity Electric: Starting Price. $37,575
  • 2020 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell: Starting Price. $59,445

We have already notified Honda that it is jointly working with General Motors to make more energy-efficient electric cars for future generations. We are expecting that we may get the most advanced and energy-efficient cars from both manufacturers very soon. The advancement of the technology by both manufacturers is faster than any other electric car manufacturer.

BMW Electric Cars

BMW Electric Cars
BMW is one of the most elite car manufacturers since its establishment in 1917 in Munich, Germany. In recent years, BMW is transforming its traditional fuel-based cars to hybrid and electric cars. As most of the manufacturer is now moving from hybrid cars to electric cars, so as to BMW. After 2010, we have seen a rapid transformation of their fleet.

BMW has projected its 25% of its sales from electric cars by 2025. BMW Mini Cooper SE has perfect urban mobility. They will release 25 electric cars by the year 2023 and also targeting a 30% sales growth over the years. BMW electric cars are one of the best electric cars in the world. The global market trends show that BMW electric cars have more preference than other electric car brands. This data stands for the quality of the production of BMW.

Latest Electric Cars Of BMW
  • 2019 BMW 5 Series: Starting Price. $54,395
  • 2019 BMW i3: Starting Price. $45,445
  • 2019 BMW i8: Starting Price. $164,295.
  • 2020 BMW 7 Series: Starting Price. $96,545

Considering the price with the other car manufacturer, the price of BMW is far higher and is out of budget for common people. The more the days are going the price is coming downwards to catch more customers. Additionally, they offer some super valued deals which give you some opportunity to buy an electric car from BMW.

Last Note:

Certainly, auto companies have seen the glorious future of electric cars by their speculations. But it does require the government’s caring eyes to make it successful. A cleaner environment with zero carbon emission sounds great to ears, but what about bank-breaking costs? Yes, to popularize electric cars, the government needs to provide subsidies to these companies. Thus, they can operate and sell their car at a lower price. Also, there is a policy of several states and the federal government on consumers’ tax credit and rebates for the purchase of electric cars in the USA. This legislature needs to be expanded through Congress.

The USA has a great opportunity to bring a hefty amount of benefits through pioneering electric cars. To achieve the goal, the public and the private sector need to collide and work together for a better future.

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